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We create condominium vineyards

Become owner of a vineyard with Terra Hominis

Terra Hominis supports winemakers by creating condominium vineyards and helps you to achieve your dreams by becoming actively involved in a vineyard’s life.
Thanks to an unregulated participating investment, we can select partners that share our core values: fun, friendliness, sharing and the desire for passing on to our children.
Taking a share in Terra Hominis’ vineyard should not be seen as a financial investment, but as the opportunity to connect with the Earth & the Men.

Condominium vineyards

Our vineyards

A strict selection of terroir and of the winemaker is the basis of each new vineyard founded.

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A human and respectful adventure

Les vendanges à cheval avec Terra Hominis

The people

Our approach is above all people-oriented. It brings together diverse personalities and multiple sensitivities. We do have a simple motto: exchange/dialogue.

The Respect

From the relations between partners and winemakers, to the relation with the earth and the cellar’s work, our actions are part of a balanced and respectful approach.

The values

The same wine passion is the simple prerequisite for sharing. We offer a link between the history of the terroirs and the future of your children.

The Project Proponent: Ludovic Aventin

Ludovic Aventin

In 2009, Ludovic Aventin realizes his long-standing dream. After extensive searching, he settles in the regional park of « Haut Languedoc »: the mountains of Faugères... He creates Terra Hominis.

He founded there his first condominium vineyard named « Le Mas Angel ». The specific terroir, the altitude, the old mediterranean varieties, are in his mind the necessary ingredients for this newly created adventure. This way, he transforms an individual dream into a collective approach (by allowing wine enthusiasts, who share his philosophy, to take part in this creation). In the wake of his first success, he creates sequentially “les Domaines Montgros” and “Laur Bauzil”. Then, to cope with the increasing demand, he is currently developing new vineyards, still based on human connection. Thus, he refuses to develop an impersonal participating investment platform. That’s why Terra Hominis is unregulated.

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