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SCI Le dolmen des Fées

dolmen des fées

How it all started

After the tasting of a new wine and by walking through the awesome landscapes of Domaine Massamier la Mignarde with his friends Ludovic Aventin, Cécile Monico and Stéphane Rognon, Frantz Vènes, owner of the famous vineyards, related his ambition to modernise his cave, to improve the welcome of his clients, to develop his oeno-tourism activities and to turn one of the building in “Bed & Breakfast” thereafter.

During the evening, over a friendly dinner, Frantz Vènes suggested offering a plot selection to the Domaine Massamier la Mignarde for wine lovers and therefore to allow them to share the vineyard’s life. The Dolmen des Fées was born.

dolmen des fees 02

The vineyard

The Dolmen des Fées is a vineyard of 4.08 hectares owned by Massamier la Mignarde and located on the amazing soil of Minervois. Its name is inspired of a megalithic grave built 5 000 years ago over the vineyard.

vignoble en minervois

Massamier la Mignarde is located at the beginning of the Montagne Noire, at the heart of historical Minervois and in the Cru Minervois la Livinière. Family Vènes owns its vineyards since more than 300 years.

Massamier la Mignarde’s history goes back to Roman Empire, when a legionnaire named Maximus built a house at the actual location of the vineyards and called it Maximiana. The vineyard, atypical for the region, owns roman style buildings and french style garden.

The SCI Dolmen des Fées is composed of three plots of two grapes (Shiraz and Sauvignon), located on three different appellations (1 ha oh Shiraz in AOP Minervois la Livinière, 1 ha of shiraz in AOP Minervois and 2 ha of Sauvignon in Vin de Pays Côteaux de Peyrac.

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