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La Graine Sauvage (SCI Les Vignes Blanches de Sybil)

sci les blancs de sybil - la graine sauvage

How it all started

Sybil decided early to follow oenological studies, by passion of this mysterious and aromatic fluid and its capacity to express itself. She dreamed early to become a winemaker and knew in its heart that this is what she will become.

Her journey, scattered with meetings with some Grands du Vin, scientific and professional winemakers, conducted her to met Ludovic Aventin, who wah looking for some young and inexperienced talents to who he would like to give a chance. Challenge accepted ! She worked for Mas Angel and Montgros and vinified the 2014 vintage for Ludovic.

Dazzled by the amazing Faugères’ landscapes, she goes with Ludovic to see a vine for sale, a beautiful plot of stony schist.

They still climbing, at that point that their were asking themselves if a vine could grow there… Then they arrive to a place where the view is amazing. You need to come to believe it , they are in heaven, it is pure, and the heaven is not to buy but to share…

The SCI vineyard

Located in the AOC Faugères, the Europe older soil of schist (sedimentary sea stone of primary era and marbles), well rooted in the source rock, this is one of a highest vine of the AOC. The plot of 2.5 hectares, planted in 1997, well south facing at 400m of altitude, overhang the AOC and Mas Angel’s vines while ensuring wines with great coldness and minerality.

The plot is composed of 4 grapes of the Faugères AOC: 1ha of White Grenache, 0.5ha of Vermentino, 0.5ha of Roussanne, 0.5ha of Marsanne. To contribute to the safeguard of the biodiversity, a 0.5ha plot will be planted and consecrated to the creation of a museum of old grapes, ancestrally adapted to the schist.

4 different types of wines  

  • A flower stone, tasty spring blend with freshness and fruit, aged on its lees in a tank.
  • A cuvee vinified and aged in oak barrel during 12 months, for a long-keeping, elegant and finesse wine.
  • A cuvee aged in amphora with an old way of wine making used once by the romans.
  • La Réserve Perpétuelle of the vineyard, a numbered list of 400 bottles for this exceptional micro cuvee which will be the blend of each vintage since 2015 ad vitam aeternam.

Modus operandi

With the philosophy of an durable agriculture, our vines will not be cultivated with chemicals or synthetic products but be protected by using plants and minerals, according to phytotherapy and biodynamic rules. The well-known agronomists Lydia and Claude Bourguignon will accompany us through the technical decisions in order to favorize to the best the microbial life in our soil and to guarantee the best quality to our grape.

With this same respect, wines will be carefully made and aged with their own indigenous flora and without any oenological products, to ensure character and authentic wines.