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The Plaisance Club

Terra Hominis created the “Plaisance Club” to allow all the associates to discover our beautiful region on board of the “Terra Hominis” boat.

You only have to pay your fuel that you have spent (more or less 53€ per hour). The club pays boat maintenance, the harbor place and the insurance.

Sea food – tapas and amazing wine pairing will be offered to you.

The skipper, Jean Paul, is a volunteer, he is like you an associate but passionate about boat and retired, and proposes himself nicely to be the skipper of the boat. As a volunteer, he would not be hostile that you offer him a good bottle of wine to thank him…


  • Outing at sea, relaxing, swimming stop, evening sunset with or without meals on board
  • What could be more pleasant than a sea trip to discover our beautiful region of Occitanie


Several sea trips are proposed, depending on the number of people and the duration of the trip. See the examples of walks by clicking on “Proposed walks”.

Port of departure : Cap d’Agde


The Terra Hominis partners can at any time reserve the boat. To do this, check the availability of the boat for the dates that are interesting you and fill out the booking form. Then, you’ll receive a confirmation email and  your reservation will be effective.

This free service is only available for Terra Hominis’s associates with their family and friends.

It new position : Center -Port, in front of the Esplanade Pierre RACINE, in front of the Carousel and the summer facing the Ferris wheel. On the wharf, Floating Dock C1 at location 09: PPCI09 – just to the right of the yellow shop at the BAT’O LOC ticket sales wharf.


– In the Avenue des Sergents take the parking (paying). Its name: Parking Center Port-Alsace-Lorraine just to the left of the National Police office.

– Either: walk on Rue de la Gabelle between Vacances Services and boutique Cellier des Cigales Muscats & Vins

– Either: Rue du Tambour at Hotel OPal, facing the roundabout. Go straight to the Esplanade Pierre RACINE facing the Carousel and the summer facing the Ferris Wheel …



Discovery of the coast: tourist circuit on the east coast of Cap d’Agde to Marseillan-beach. From the Cap d’Agde, have an amazing 1h30 cruise on the east coast of Cap d’Agde aboard TERRA HOMINIS.

Outing at sea offering splendid views on the coast of Cape Agathe!
Discover the beautiful marina of Cap d’Agde with a 360 ° view of the Gulf of Lion with the back of the Pyrenees & the famous volcano Mount Saint Loup.
You will bypass the coast of Fort Brescou, volcanic island, and old state prison, a true fortress of the sixteenth century.

You will follow the rocky coast of Cap d’Agde, the magnificent black sand beach of the Grande Conque, the volcanic cliffs overlooking the rocks of the 2 brothers, amazing volcanic site in Languedoc Roussillon, then you will also discover the white sand beaches of the Mole , the Roquille, & the naturist center of Cap d’Agde, the largest naturist center in Europe …

Cruise at the Cap d’Agde

From the Cap d’Agde, enjoy a commented sea trip in order to discover the Cap d’Agde in 45 minutes aboard TERRA HOMINIS.
Discover the marina of Cap d’Agde, Fishermen’s Island, the Ile des Loisirs, the black sand beach of the Grande Conque, oldt volcano eaten by the Mediterranean Sea, the magnificent rocks of the “2 brothers” “, the volcanic cliffs then bypass the island of Fort Brescou, volcanic island and former state prison.

Discover Sète: The Venice of Languedoc

Come aboard the TERRA HOMINIS along the rocky coast: view of the Mont Saint Clair, the Marine Cemetery, the theater of the sea, etc. Superb walk along the fishing and trading ports.
Crossing the canals of the city of Sète and in direction of the Étang de Thau, a real inland sea of 20 kms. Guided tour on oyster and mussel farming. With sometimes tasting …


Jean-Paul offers you order the following dishes to enhance your ride. He will be happy to share with you the meal and a good bottle of wine of your choice:

  • Bouzigues seafood platters : 
  •  The Sapinou (20 €) – 12 oysters, 8 mussels, 6 clams, 6 shrimps
  • The Boat (40 €) – 24 oysters, 12 mussels, 6 clams, 12 shrimps, 12 whelks
  •  The Bac (49.50 €) – 18 oysters, 12 mussels, 12 clams, 12 shrimps, 12 whelks, 1 cake
  •  The Chalant (60 €) – 30 oysters, 12 mussels, 6 clams, 12 shrimps, 12 whelks,
  •  1 lobster
  •  The Trawler (98.50 €) – 36 oysters, 12 mussels, 12 clams, 18 shrimps, 24 whelks, 1 lobster
  • The Midi Seashells (128 €) – 36 oysters, 12 mussels, 12 clams, 24 shrimps,
  •  24 whelks, 1 cake, 1 lobster, 1 lobster
  • The All Crustaceans (135 €) – 24 shrimps, 24 whelks, 24 sea snails, 6 claws,
  • 4 prawns, 2 lobsters, 6 langoustines, shrimps 200 g

Tielle Sétoise Dassé :

Tielle: the Tielle are the specialty of Sète, that we propose to you in our restaurant

Our restaurant is famous for its famous tielle Sétoise of Italian origin. The tielle is an appetizing round pie made from thick paste in which one stuffs a tasty stuffing (the pouffre) with octopus, onion, parsley, tomato paste, black olives and white wine.

Cooked in the oven, the Tielle Sétoise Dassé is tasted preferably warm, like this it releases all its flavors in the mouth. You will not be able to resist to this absolutely divine Sète specialty.

We invite you to come and taste the tielle Sétoise from Dassé in our restaurant in Mèze. And to allow you to live a friendly and warm moment, you will be able to choose a tielle for one person but also for 2/4/6 and 10 people.

The little ones and the older ones will appreciate to cut their share and to taste it with simplicity around a good table. All our products are fresh to ensure your total satisfaction and to allow you a gastronomic discovery of high quality. Do not hesitate to order it directly from Jean-Paul, your skipper.

Our range of Tielles :

In our laboratory and for your greatest satisfaction, we can propose you daily 3 kind of Tielles:

  • Tielle big portion for 2 people (4 €)
  • Average Tielle for 4 people (8 €)
  • Tielle for 6 people (12 €)

Rules and instructions for sea excursions aboard TERRA HOMINIS

DO NOT FORGET: sun protection: glasses-hats-windbreakers depending on the weather.

The boat captain reserves the right to cancel the departure (weather reason for example), the output would then be shifted.

A training (duration 5 min) will be given to a volunteer to help to start and dock the boat on the dock.

Each group of partners (or a person) must give their telephone number to the registration in the event of cancellation or jet lag of the sea trip.

We will indicate the average fuel consumption for each trip = FUEL FEES SET BEFORE DEPARTURE (see also at registration). The average shot of navigation is 53 euros per hour. If the group opts for an outing longer than the one originally planned at the time of registration, the additional fuel costs will be paid to the Captain.

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