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Pascal Laudinot

Pascal Laudinot managed to make his dream come true! Partnered to Terra Hominis he rallied his friends and contacts in order to create a condominium vineyard with shares priced at 1425€.
Rather than managing the vineyard themselves, his friends and he chose not to farm the vineyard. They rented the vines to a winemaker who pays them dividends with wine bottles.
 They enjoy the benefits of owning their own vineyard and drinking their own wine without any significant financial risk.

How did that happen?

During an event at Mas Angel (www.faugeres-masangel.fr) Pascal Laudinot met Ludovic Aventin who introduced him with the concept of condominium vineyards and his philosophy : constant research of economy and ecology solutions. It was therefore normal for Pascal Laudinot to become a Laur Bauzil’s (www.laurbauzil.fr) partner.
During his first Laur Bauzil’s general meeting, he met Frantz Venes, the winemaker. He was convinced by Frantz’s philosophy and values. After tasting the famous Domus Maximus (best wine worldwide award) produced by Château Massamier la Mignarde, Pascal is driven by the idea of creating his own condominium vineyard and to share it with his friends and contacts.

With the help of Frantz as a strong advocate for local traditions and his own wish to support old local grapes, he succeeds in creating a condominium vineyard with old grapes brought to the fore.

Unique grapes

A 3.75 ha plot left in fallow for 20 years has been replanted with old grapes and mixed with a 1.5 ha plot of Grenache for a total project of 5.64 ha. The main objective: mix different old grapes such as rivairenc, the plant droit, the oeillade, the piquepoul noir de la Calmette, the terret noir, the aramon, the bobal, the aubun noir, the trepat and the brun fourca on the same plot. Never seen anywhere before!
Frantz realizes his dream through this museum of varieties: support old grapes. This vineyard will be vinified at the Château Massamier la Mignarde’s cellar, where the Domus Maximus is made. We favour horse-drawn ploughing, handwork, manual harvest. During the vinification we limit the use of oenological products. Thus, we encourage biodiversity, we plant fruit trees (fig tree, olive tree, almond tree) for our pleasure.

Rêve partagé
Get in touch with us if you also wish to create a condominium vineyard with your friends…